Meeting With The Member Of The Supreme Council Of The Cultural Revolution, Hojatoleslam, Dr. Rostami

In this meeting, the Secretary-General of the Network, while introducing network capacities and enjoying the maximum opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to direct the management of the programs related to the field of science and technology, set the first exhibition of the achievements of the Virtual Universities of the Islamic World in July of the year 2019, and some of the major projects of this network have been proposed by the virtual universities of the Islamic world.  Hojatoleslam Dr. Rostami, also celebrating the Secretary-General and the members of the Network on the important and strategic steps taken during these eight months, holding the first general meeting of the network and ratification of the constitution is an important development in achieving the high goals of science and technology in the Islamic world. And doing joint programs with the institution of the Supreme Leader's Representative, considering the capacity of the virtual network of this institution, with more than 800,000 users in short-term training courses, considered a great opportunity.  It was also stipulated that in the form of a joint memorandum, the network and the institution should have the capacity to utilize the available services to the Islamic world.  In the end, the secretary general of the network, while appreciating the support of this institution in the successful holding of the General Assembly, also ruled Hojatoleslam Dr. Rostami, in order to take thoughtful and deliberate ideas in advancing network programs, as a member The Supreme Strategic Council of the Virtual Universities of Islamic World.