Khatam Al-Nabieen University Joins The Virtual Universities Network Of Islamic World.

With the presence of Dr. Sajjadi, the chairman of this university in the network office and during a scientific and intimate meeting with the Secretary-General of the Network of Virtual Universities of the Islamic world Dr. Najafi Barzegar, signed a memorandum of association and statute by this University, was set up in the direction of moving towards the realization of science and Intelligent technology at this University and the state of Afghanistan will provide strategic and effective communication with the Universities of this network and will benefit from the capacities available on the network.The university joined the full network as the second largest university in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Dr. Najafi Barzegar also emphasized on the maximum use of all universities from network capacities such as Khatam al-Nabieen University of Afghanistan, with a clear view of the future of science and technology in the Islamic world, and pointed to the full support of the virtual universities of the Islamic world in this area.