Holding the First International Virtual Doctoral Defense Session of the Universities that are Members of the CINVU

The first international virtual doctoral defense session of the member universities of the CINVU was held in collaboration with Payame Noor University, Al-Imam Al-Awza'i University of Lebanon, and the CINVU

According to the public relations of the CINVU, in the first session of the international virtual doctoral defense entitled "The wife's financial support in Iranian civil law and comparison with the four religions" Ms. Azam Mohammad Ali Beyk Al-Awza'i Beirut succeeded in obtaining a doctorate in Islamic studies.

Accordingly, Al-Imam Al-Awza'i University (Al-Imam Al-Awza'i Society) is dedicated to education in the field of Islamic sciences and is managed by the Lebanese Sunnis. The university accepts students in the field of Islamic education at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels with the Arabic language of instruction and in a virtual and face-to-face manner.

It is worth mentioning that the COMSTECH Inter Islamic Network on Virtual Universities, which is called CINVU for short, is one of the networks of the Standing Committee on Scientific and Technological Cooperation of the member countries of the Islamic Cooperation Organization (COMSTECH), which is hosted by the Islamic Republic of Iran. This network is an important and rich base for strengthening and developing public higher education in the virtual context of information technology, which aims to achieve justice in the field of knowledge and thought and deepen and consolidate learning and educational, research, cultural and skills empowerment of students, professors, universities and elites.