Meeting With Dr. Afkhami D8 International University President

Meeting of the Secretary General of the Inter-Islamic network on Virtual Universities, Dr. Karim Najafi Barzegar, with the President of D8 International University, Dr. Afkhami, and his appointment as a member of the Strategic Council of the Network; In this meeting, while introducing the capacities of the network and D8 International University, it was decided that soon, this university will also sign the membership document of the CINVU and as an international university with other members take effective measures to achieve educational justice in the world. Make Islam. D8 International University was opened in 1998 at Bu Ali University in Hamadan, whose members are from Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, all of which are members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the target community of the network. Finally, Dr. Afkhami was appointed as a member of the Higher Education Council of the Strategic Council of the Virtual Universities of the Islamic World.