Signing M.O.U between 3 COMSTECH Networks

Dr. Najafi Barzegar thanked all the mourners who participated in this meeting and by performing the necessary formalities, the guests were signed and praised.

Inter-Islamic network on virtual universities (CINVU), Science and Technology Parks Network (INSTP) and Nanotechnology Network (INN)
Dear Dr. Karim Najafi Barzegar, Secretary General of the Virtual Universities Network of the Islamic World;

Dear Dr. Khavandi, Head of Nanotechnology Network;

Dear Dr. Basti, Head of Science and Technology Parks Network;

Dear Professor Mohammad Iqbal Chaudhari, Chairman of the Scientific and Technology Committee of the Islamic Cooperation Organization;

Dr. Zahed Majid, Vice Chancellor of Allameh Iqbal University of Pakistan and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities;

On behalf of Dr. Salar Amoli, Deputy Minister for International Affairs and Head of the Center for Scientific and International Cooperation;

Ms. Jask, on behalf of Dr. Al-Hayari, Director General of International Cooperation and Festivals of the Scientific and Industrial Research Organization of Iran;

The deputies, heads of the secretariats of the networks and other relevant officials were held at the headquarters of the network of Inter-Islamic Network on Virtual Universities.

Dr. Karim Najafi Barzegar, Secretary General of Inter-Islamic Netowrk on Virtual Universities, at the beginning of the meeting, while welcoming and thanking the audience, for the synergy of scientific and international activities that we can use the three networks in international relations of the Islamic world, 57 countries are connected with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Let's use.

Commercialization of knowledge, constructive interaction of science and technology, exchange of students, professors, disciplines, technology and knowledge and strengthening of relations between Islamic and non-Islamic countries are among the main axes of this memorandum.

He further pointed out: This meeting will be signed to conclude a memorandum of understanding between the three networks for the synergy of university centers for the growth of the Islamic world and the position of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It was also noted that the esteemed President of COMSTECH, Prof. Iqbal Chaudhry, communicates online and attends the meeting.

Professor Iqbal Chaudhry, Honorable Chairman of COMSTECH:

Dr. Iqbal Chaudhari, Chairman of COMSTEC, attended the meeting in a webinar, thanking Dr. Najafi Barzegar for his invitation to the meeting and the management of the meeting, on the occasion of concluding this valuable memorandum by three important and active networks of COMSTEC in Iran. They congratulated and stressed the need to develop and propagate scientific and technological activities in the world to know more about different nationalities with the Islamic activities of these organizations.

He further noted that the third general assembly of the network with a date that will be announced later will be held in the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Interview of Dr. Najafi Barzegar and Heads of Networks with Professor Iqbal Chaudhry:

Dr. Najafi Barzegar explained that we are happy that the collections are coordinated within the Islamic Republic of Iran, and regarding COMSTECH concern that networks in Iran might not be supported, they stated that we had sent a message to COMSTECHthat there was no problem and that scientific facilities and capacities International is in our universities and higher education centers and do not have a negative view and these three networks work together;

Prof. Iqbal Chaudhry, announced that a joint secretariat for academic activities and communication with Comastek should be increased and the upstream centers and the Standing Committee of Science and Technology of Comastek Islamic Universities should be online and close and we should have connections with 57 countries. With some countries, such as African countries that need educational justice and communication, we can prepare facilities and the benefits that these three networks have for members in countries, we can make services independent, and they pointed out that these three networks operate in Iran. Do well.

Then each of the guests and representatives expressed their main views, which are mentioned below:

1- Introducing Iran among the countries of the Islamic world in terms of presence in the fields of science and technology, nano, universities and science and technology parks, so that we can have the scientific capability of Iran in the countries of the Islamic world for 57 countries.

2- Signing cooperation agreements following the memorandum to create added value;

3- With the joint cooperation of virtual university networks and science and technology parks, we can have a good effectiveness for the pride of our country and the countries of the Islamic world;

4- These three networks based in Iran can have good assistance through the Ministry of Science for growth and promotion;

5- Having an independent budget for the networks of the Islamic world, which needs to be followed up by the relevant authorities;

6- Doing some activities abroad and preferably in low-income countries;

7- Implementing Iran's commitment to accept these three networks for financial support and support for 50 thousand dollars;

8- Iran's active presence in active scientific and technological diplomacy is very important for economic growth.