International Workshop on Renewable Energy

Energy generation by various technologies, its management, and the ensuing environmental impacts continue to be a major concern for the world. The situation is of critical urgency because of the increasing demand for energy in developing economies on the one hand, and the capital and environmental costs associated with each technology on the other hand. Fossil fuels consumption has increased and continued to be the dominant energy sources for the modern energy services and this leads to rapid growth of carbon dioxide emissions and so causing global warming and climate change. Therefore, renewable energy has become the alternative energy source to replace fossil fuels. Properly implemented renewable energy technologies not only are able to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and health, but also contribute to social and economic development, energy accessibility, and more secure energy supply.

The competing demands of increased power requirements and a sustainable environment demands a judicious choice of energy mix consistent with the physical geography and natural resources of a country. Different countries are addressing the associated challenges in various forms and have their own successes and experiences.

Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) UKM, Malaysia and OIC - COMSTECH is jointly organizing a 3-day workshop, from 29 to 31 July 2019 to explore these issues and share experience and knowledge between the energy professionals and academics of OIC countries. An outcome of the Workshop would be to suggest sustainable strategies for improved and sustainable energy mix.


  • to promote the use of renewable energy towards decarbonisation
  • to create awareness among policy makers, academics and professionals of the OIC Member Countries on renewable energy
  • to present case studies and design tools for system sizing and costing
  • to create working group of experts from OIC Member Countries

Workshop Themes are:

  • The Energy Transition towards Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Challenges in Integration of Renewables into the Power Grid
  • Efficiency in generation and use, and Smart Grids
  • Micro and Pico Hydro Systems
  • Renewable Energy policies/Incentives and Pricing

Target Audience: 

  • Scientists, Engineers, Technology Developers, Policy Makers and Regulators
  • Senior Managers from Electricity Generation and Distribution Companies / Public and Private Utility Companies
  • Entrepreneurs and Vendors from the Renewable Energy Sector
  • Water and Hydropower Specialists
  • Financial Institutions / Developers of Energy Market Trading 

Resource Persons:

Leading national & international experts with vast experience in energy management, technology development, policy frameworks and energy economics will conduct the workshop.

Registration Process: 

Step - 1: Application Form can be accessed at :

Step 2: Selected candidates will be notified through email hence, applicants are required to regularly check their emails.

Advisory Committee

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Kamaruzzaman Sopian (Director, SERI, UKM, Malaysia)

Dr. S. Khurshid Hasanain (Advisor, COMSTECH Secretariat, Pakistan)

Workshop Coordinators

Dr. Adnan Ibrahim
Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI) 
University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)
Tel : +603-8911 8585 
Fax : +603-8911 8574 
Email: [email protected]
Muhammad Haris Akram 
Programme Manager 
OIC – COMSTECH Secretariat 
Islamabad, Pakistan 
Email: [email protected]