Meeting with Deputy Director of Statistics and Information Technology of the Judiciary Dr. Hamid Shahriari

Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Justice and Information Technology of the Judiciary and member of the Ayatollah Cyberspace Council Hamid Shahriari; The meeting, which was held in conjunction with the use of jurisdictional capacities in infrastructure security and the development of risk-free, virtualized education in the Islamic world, Dr. Najafi Barzegar, Secretary-General of the Network, while presenting a report on the activities, commented on the cooperation between the field of judicial administration in the field. Virtualization and the use of modern day technologies in science and technology activities in the Islamic world. also  Also, Ayatollah Dr. Hamid Shahriari agreed with the Supreme Strategic Council of the Network and decided to provide the necessary assistance in the field of judicial science and technology to the network of virtual universities in the Islamic world.